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Battle City GOD CARD Box

Battle City GOD CARD Box

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    Kaiba hosted the Battle City tournament to claim the legendary Egyptian God Cards as his own, so it would only be fitting for you to Duel for exclusive prizes of your own too. To top off the Speed Duel Box*, a special prize pack will be included with 8 Secret Rares from a pool of 24 cards. Channel your inner Rare Hunter and upgrade some of the most iconic cards in Dueling history, along with other fan favorites, to the highest Speed Duel rarity ever released! You can distribute them as prizing in your own tournament, give one to each of the participants, or just keep them all for yourself!Each Speed Duel Box contains: 200 Commons 20 Skill Cards 8 (of 24) Secret Rares 4 2-Player Deluxe Game Mats